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Brian's Story

Brian's time in personal development dates back more than 20 years, when he was hired to go into business communities and deliver presentations prior to seminars being put on by Tony Robbins, who is one of the world’s best-known speakers. Brian has had a passion for helping people improve their lives ever since, both through coaching and through speaking. ​

Brian is an expert in the field of Human Development; he has the strategies to help anyone with any problem. He has developed several manuals filled with nearly a thousand pages of cutting edge self-actualization materials, including Destiny by Design. Brian plans to publish Destiny by Design as his second book. ​Brian also had the good-fortune to go on a years-long travelling and backpacking adventure to all 50 states, during which he worked his way from place to place in order to try to develop a very close relationship with the country as a whole.  Brian's travels were featured on the CBS Evening News and on CNN.​

Those adventures were a grand expedition intended to earn what Brian refers to as a Master's in America. Brian could perhaps lay a claim to being involved in one of America’s most exhilarating adventures over the last 50 years.  His travels were filled with tremendous excitement and uncertainty - envision a more-expansive version of Into the Wild - whether Brian was backpacking in the Northeast, camping under the stars in the Midwest, hitching up to Alaska, or voyaging to Hawaii.


Brian's travels – about which he wrote a book, Destination Paradise – led him to, as just a few examples, work at a shipyard in Ft. Lauderdale, in the potato fields in Eastern Idaho, in the pineapple fields on Oahu, and also to volunteer with the Red Cross at Ground Zero in New York City and in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. ​

Brian was born in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State with a degree in accounting, after which he worked in accounting in Michigan before launching his U.S. travels

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