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  • Brian Anderson

The Four Empowering Brain Chemicals!

We have four primary chemicals that we create in our brains when we are feeling elevated emotions. They are:

1) Dopamine - sense of substantial accomplishment

2) Oxytocin - feelings of strong love

3) Serotonin - feeling grateful and blessed, and blessing others, and

4) Endorphins - prolonged physical exercise, aromatherapy, singing, laughter

This image shows the pathways of Dopamine and Serotonin. Look how much of the brain is flooded with just these two state-changing chemicals!

So, when we close our eyes and do a meditation, a LOT of transformation can and will happen in our brain when we...

1. Put our hands on our hearts,

2. Feel gratitude and feel blessed, (Serotonin)

3. Send out a blessing to others, (Serotonin, Oxytocin)

4. Feel proud of past accomplishments, or feel proud of future accomplishments as we envision our future (Dopamine)

5. Feel a strong sense of love for self, others, pets, and nature (Oxytocin)

6. Envision situations in the past that were hilarious and we literally start laughing! (Remember, fake laughter leads to real laughter!) (Endorphins)

7. Do so while lavender or vanilla is in the air (Endorphins)

8. Open our eyes and perhaps sing a song (Endorphins) about how great we feel, and recognize all of the rapture that is flooding through our brains...

By doing so, there is a good chance that our souls and spirits will be uplifted, especially if this were to become a regular part of our morning routines.

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