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  • Brian Anderson

Mitigating the Two Biggest Issues of our Times

Our Creator had to take a specific time, a specific moment, to create each our individual souls. Might that have been a mundane task or was that an act of Infinite Love?

And if it were an act of Infinite Love, then why not remember daily or hourly that we were created with Infinite Love?

We can also remember that everything that our Creator creates has Infinite Value. Our souls, of course, were made by our Creator, so that means we were made with Infinite Love and that we have Infinite Value.

On top of that, we've been given, on a spiritual level, the gift of Eternity. And thus, if we are Eternal, as all the major spiritualities say, then nothing can happen to us to slow us down. If we are Eternal, then we've been given the gift of Invincibility.

During difficult times, if we can take a moment to step back from the physical world and spend a little time in the spiritual realm then things will start to feel a lot better.

Fear and worthiness are the two biggest issues that most people deal with. Fear can be mitigated when we realize consciously and almost incessantly that we are Eternal, and all that goes along with that. But we have to make our gift of Eternity a habit thought.

Worthiness issues can be mitigated when we realize that we were created with Infinite Love and that we have Infinite Value. But these also have to become habit thoughts.

We all have a choice as to whether or not we decide to control the focus of our minds. Right now is as important a time as ever for us to be conscious about the content of our moment-to-moment thoughts.

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